1.2.0 - April 12th

- New card design
- Pre-work completed to allow user to select from various themes when creating a room.
- pie graph of clue frequency added to homepage.
- Basic stats for users you frequently play with are now shown on your profile
- Detailed captain stats added to your profile (always only covers last 60d)
- you can now do a direct compare of your captaining stats against any of your friends (provided they dont opt-out)
- User settings now let you opt-out of stats and you can opt-out of the trophy number next to your username in rooms.

- 5x4 and 4x4 grid re-enabled
- match replayer now shows the chat (if you played in the match)
- Fixed issue with match re-player not showing the final board state in some situations
- Minor tournament fixes

1.1.0 - March 9th

- Basic match replay system implemented, functions similar to how poker hand-replays work.
- Fixed issue with username changes failing to go through.
- New card design.
- Added "Most cards revealed by end of turn two" to user profiles.
- Fixed issue with some turn 1 clues not appearing on the homepage.
- Changes implemented after first tournament.

[tournament system]
- Significant improvements to the tournament system for tomorrows tournament. View here:

- Lowered contrast/brightness on cards.
- Fixed an issue with the timers not working correctly in custom rooms
- Added promo to room pages, shows for the few days leading up to a new tournament.
- Added clearer description of how the time per action time works in custom rooms.
- Sabotage mode changed so that you now each choose a neutral card to turn into a black card.

1.0.0 - February 26th

- New name and logo for the website:
- New match/room/board design.
- Homepage now has some basic graphs and easier quick create buttons to start new rooms.
- Dark theme is now the default
- Users can now be banned easier.
- Foundation work to allow others to create board themes is complete, please contact me if you're interested in creating a board design.

[tournament system]
- A tournament system has now been completed, this allows a swiss group stage followed by a single elimination knockout finals, there is support for a wide range of tournament configurations and discord integration, further info about this will be announced in a couple of days.

[create room options]
- New Mode: SABOTAGE MODE - At the start of the game the captains will each give one (or two) neutral cards to the opposing team. [this may change to allowing the teams to set the black cards rather than other team cards]

- Wordpack weighting/ratio is now shown with a nice little bar
- Captains can now highlight cards
- on "new match" the teams are no longer reset.
- Able to clone a room (gives you a new room link)
- hitting black card correctly awards 1st/2nd again, past match stats have been corrected.

0.9.0 - February 9th

- Basic user profile pages added, will be expanded over the next few days.
- Your total wins in the month is now shown next to your name with a little trophy
- match spectating now possible (for password protected matches only).
- added "disable auto hide of revealed cards" option to top right dropdown for users+guests.

[create room options]
- Create room form has been streamlined with presets.
- New clock system (uses timebanks similar to poker) it is now the default. You can change to the chess version if needed.
- new MOD: One team practice mode
- new MOD: Disallow the top 10 most popular clues (from the last week) from being used. ANIMAL, WATER, METAL etc.
- new MOD: Disable End turn Button
- When creating a room with multiple word packs the slider weighting now shows the estimated cards on the board.

- Sound on new clue given
- Board widened and moved up slightly, breadcrumbs area removed from the top of the site.
- In a 3+ team game if a team hits a black card all of their cards are revealed and the game continues (if possible).
- Basic "Match Replay" page, this simply shows the final board position, the ability to properly replay each action will be added later. Your Match replays are found in the dropdown at the top right.
- added warning if ad blocker appears to be interfering with game status updates.
- able to highlight cards whilst your captain is thinking.
- Users can now be made a moderator
- mod can broadcast message to all rooms.
- Hide rules button added
- View Previous Match link added to room.
- new match now fully clears teams correctly
- join as player/captain buttons now show at the start of the game properly
- start of game there is now a simple admin chatroom post that will appear, this will become more useful when further features/tournaments are added.
- chatroom autoscroll fix
- performance improved.

0.8.0 - January 22nd

- Guest accounts added
- Live chat added
- Create room form simplified (click advanced options to view the old way)
- added slider to drag the weighting/ratio of wordpacks when creating a room, allowing you to have a 100word pack + 500 word pack and have the generator choose more from the 100 word pack than the 500 pack.
- login/register redirects back to referring room or the create room page.
- on room creation the board is generated immediately (disabled if a game clock is enabled)
- performance improvements

- Chat room tab added to teams (you can post to both teams currently, may change)
- Log tab has been moved to it's own spot at the top right
- fixed delay/lag on highlighting cards (particularly when you're second to click)
- changed tab color on "Overview" to be the same color as the team.
- added warning when you suggest an illegal clue, ie if you try to illegally give DRAWBRIDGE on a board that contains BRIDGE.
- fixed duplicate action bug
- auto-hide the overview/chat icons on smaller browsers
- fixed generation of multi word-pack boards.
- fix issue with multiple captains failing to work correctly.

0.7.0 - January 17th

- Create word pack page now available (Private by default, you can request to make them public)
- User settings page added, only lets you change your username thus far.

- Fixed promote user to host error message.
- Host able to change number of cards per team via Room Settings

[create room options]
- Split the rules checkboxes into "Rules" and "Game Mods"
- Added Game Mod: "Hide opposing teams cards from captains"
- Now shows a list for public word packs and a list for "My word packs" (if you have uploaded any)
- When creating a room your word packs from the last game will now be pre-selected.

- Join team buttons should correctly appear after new matches created.

0.6.0 - January 15th

- dark theme added, enable it at the top right.
- 404 handled better

- Lobby players moderation form added to the "Game Settings" dropdown, host(s) can promote/ban other users.
- Room Settings form added to the "Game Settings" dropdown. Lets you change the grid-size and rules for the next match.

[new create game rules options]
- Round based game - (allows draws to happen, team that goes first no longer has an extra card, the team going second can catchup to draw the game), significant changes were made to handle the end of match being detected correctly, lots of testing likely needed
- Randomize teams after each game

- Team names can now be set by any player
- Team names correctly shown everywhere
- Word packs in use are now shown in the rules area.
- loss reason is now correctly shown (rather than always showing loss on time)
- End of game the un-revealed cards are clearly differentiated from the cards that were revealed during the game
- Fixed issue with word/text not being readable on the black cards at the end of the game
- Extra real-time notifications are now shown on certain actions
- Added icons/avatars to player list
- Fixed rare issue with game clock incorrectly forfeiting team.
- Game log scroll to bottom on new entry fixed

0.5.0 - January 8th

- login/register stand-alone account.
- login/register via discord
- avatar pulled from discord
- various placeholder pages.
- Word packs can be uploaded (requires approval)

- create rooms, public, private URL, password protected
- randomize teams
- restart to next match.

- 2-6 teams
- custom grid size 4x4 through to 6x12 (72 tiles)
- game clock
- number of black/team/neutral card numbers can be set
- checkbox options: numbers higher than 9, numbers above the current number of cards, infinite guesses, negative numbers, hide black cards, allow googling.
- custom rules textbox.
- grid resizing for different browser sizes
- somewhat basic mobile phone browser support